Legal framework for adoption in Norway
The legal framework that constitute the frames for adoption in Norway is “The Adoption Act” and governmental regulations and guidelines.

The Adoption Act
The current Norwegian Adoption Act was passed on 16th of June 2017, and came into force on 1st of July 2018. 
You can find  the Norwegian Adoption Act  here.

Governmental regulations
Pursuant to the Adoption Act, the Ministry has stipulated two sets of regulations, both from 1999. One of them is applicable to placement of children in domestic adoption and one regarding requirements relating to associations that arrange placement of children in intercountry adoption. An official English translation of the latter regulation is published in Circular Letter Q-1008 E mentioned above.

Governmental guidelines
The Ministry has laid down guidelines for examination and approval of adoptive homes in intercountry adoption (1998). Further guidelines are now being prepared by the Ministry.

The Hague Convention
Norway ratified “The Hague Convention of 29th of May 1993, on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Intercountry Adoption”, on the 25th of September 1997. The Convention came into force for Norway on 1 January 1998.