InorAdopt was founded in 1981 by parents who had adopted children themselves. The first years, InorAdopt worked with assisting children in their native countries. The Norwegian authorities granted InorAdopt permission to start with intercountry adoptions in 1989. The first adoption was completed in the beginning of 1990. From 1990 to 2021 over 1200 children have been adopted to Norway via InorAdopt.

InorAdopt is a member of EurAdopt; an association of European adoption associations. EurAdopt focus on ethical rules in Intercountry Adoption. InorAdopt is also a member of NAC (Nordic Adoption Council), an association of Nordic adoption associations.


InorAdopt has worked with intercountry adoption for over 30 years and is very well established. The staff working in InorAdopt are all well trained, experienced and dedicated certified socialworkers. We take pride in giving a thorough follow-up to our applicants through the whole adoption-process, and keep ourselves updated within the adoption field at all times. Today there are four persons employed in the management in InorAdopt. The Executive Director is Martijn van Rooij.

InorAdopt’s management is located in Kristiansand and we welcome applicants from all over the country. The office is open every weekday, and it offers consultations with advice and guidance. Everyone who wants can visit our office and get face-to-face information and guidance. Families living nearby our office often visit us several times. Families who live far from our office contact us by telephone, videochat or e-mail.

InorAdopt takes care of and assists in the whole adoption process starting from the first application from the family, the contact with the Norwegian Social Service, the approval from the Central Authority and preparing the dossiers for intercountry adoption. InorAdopt provides relevant literature and information during the whole process.

When a family receives a referral, we have a lot of contact with the family, either at the office or by phone, videochat or e-mail. We help to prepare the families for the forthcoming adoption, and discuss as in what way they best can take care of the child and the child’s needs. We help the families with preparing their trip and follow them up abroad. InorAdopt also assists the families when they return home, and we have an extensive post adoption service offered to all the families that have adopted. Directly following their homecoming, all families receive written greetings along with all kinds of useful information. Our staffmembers have personal contact with each family, to ask how they are doing and find out if we can be of any assistance to them. Families are more than welcome to contact us if they need advice or guidance.

InorAdopt helps the families with the post placements reports and sends them to the child’s country of origin. All families remain members of InorAdopt from the moment they start the adoption process until the required period with post placement reports expires. If they want, they are welcome to maintain the membership throughout life.